University is supposed to prepare us for our working lives, but does it deliver?

A degree is no longer a passport to a successful career. Take GRADUATES’ GUIDE TO WORK with you on your journey to a fulfilling career that doesn’t take over your life.

Lectures, tutorials and extensions have been replaced with emails, meetings and deadlines. Getting ahead in this environment means learning a new set of skills.

Jeremy Majid outlines skills every graduate needs to know and how to apply them. From finding and landing the right job, to planning your day and interacting with colleagues; dealing with stress, developing a healthy work-life balance and maintaining motivation across your career.

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Available from Amazon


Available from Amazon

An excerpt from the book: Author's Note

Human life starts in the safest and most protected environment, the womb. From here, as time passes, safeguards are slowly removed. It is the opposite for turtles, who must immediately find their way to the relative safety of the sea without succumbing to predators, with many not surviving the ordeal. In contrast to turtles, our perception of security is formed first and, for as long as we are cocooned with supports and direction, we have little exposure to the sometimes harsh reality of independence. In our early years, we are tended to night and day, and if we need anything, it is a simple matter of crying. With time, we learn to control our muscles, so that we can move on our own, we develop a memory bank of people and objects, so that we can understand and navigate our environment, and we learn the basics of language, in order to communicate and enable further learning. Fairly soon we enter school, an environment structured by syllabus and schedules. Each next step is straightforward, moving up the grades until we reach our final year. We then decide whether or not to go to university and, if so, which course to apply for and where. If university is the taken path, then once again we enter a structure that supports us to our goal. Deadlines are set and submissions are made until finally we have our degree. Thereafter we are baby turtles…

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